Google Bots Website Crawlers / Scrapers – Search Engines (indexing software)

  Before proceeding to the registration of the resource in the search engines, you must make sure that all the pages on your website properly optimized for the search engines to give them a high place in their rankings. How can this be achieved? Philosophy specified optimization is presented in the present paper. There are so many search engines! What is the difference between them? Let’s start from the end[…]

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Domain Names & Domain Categories

What is a domain name? In simple terms – is the address of the title page of your site on the World Wide Web? In other words, the domain name is as follows: The last three characters after the dot called domain zone or domain extension. They indicate the nature of your project and INTERNET-far from exhausted the extension described in this example. Domain zones there are so many. Incidentally,[…]

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