What is SSL Certificate and Importance of The Same

What is an SSL Certificate? It is an abbreviation or an acronym standing for Secure Socket Layer and it primarily functions, protecting your sensitive information sent over the Internet. It allows secure transmission and validate integrity of data transmitted between the visitor of the specific website and the hosting server. It encrypts data, such as usernames, passwords and other personal data in such a way that only the receiving server[…]

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Domain Transfer Failures

Domain Transfer is indeed a swift process when carried out with prior preparation and caution. To make a seamless Domain Transfer keep in mind the below discussed terms and aid them before¬†initiating the process. It can be a handy Pre-Transfer Checklist. ICANN, the governing non-profit corporation have laid several norms for Domain Transfer in order to make domain transfer a safe, secure and hassle free process. Most registrars/registration service providers[…]

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Domain Names & Domain Categories

What is a domain name? In simple terms – is the address of the title page of your site on the World Wide Web? In other words, the domain name is as follows: The last three characters after the dot called domain zone or domain extension. They indicate the nature of your project and INTERNET-far from exhausted the extension described in this example. Domain zones there are so many. Incidentally,[…]

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